“Music is FREE SPEECH” Anthony Peso Talks New Single| @AnthonyPeso

Anthony Peso Talks New Single With Az Music Mag


How Long Have You Been Doing Music?

I started singing in Church Choir when I was 6, 1986

What Made You Want To Create Music?

I am a musician by nature and trade. Although I played instruments, I didn’t show an interest in making original music until 1991. Watching my oldest cousin Chris and his rap group write music. I created my first rap around 1992 or 1993 and started writing sheet music in 9th grade, 1995.

Breakdown Why People Should Listen To Your Music?

My music isn’t for everyone. My music is based on real life events, emotions and situations that I, myself or my associates and friends have experienced. People that want to understand my life style or that have lived through similar situations should listen to my music.

You Just Dropped A New Video. What is the name of it and what is the concept behind the video?

My Condolences is a song that was written immediately after the death of a close friend of mine due to alcohol. a. The concept of the video is of a self-made man that has gone on his own to make himself successful and is approached by the Law to enlighten them on how he done it and who he has done it with. The Law in this film is dirty and resorts to outlawed tactics to get the man to break. The film is not complete and ends with to be continued…

How important is it got you to speak the truth in your music and how much of your music is real life situations?

Music is FREE SPEECH. Lyrics can be fiction based on the scenarios that the author is presenting. a. My music is of real life situations past present or future; weather it be my own or someone that I may or may have known.

What are some other business ventures you have going on , outside of music?

Other business that are filed with the IRS a. Sheek Solutions LLC (Technology, Audio & Visual Services)

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