Track of Today: Sneak Peak of “Reckless” by Mechanics of the Mind|@tds2277

Track of Today: Sneak Peak of “Reckless” by Mechanics of the Mind

Today’s track is brought to us by Arizona’s very own Hard Rock/ Metal group; Mechanics Of The Mind. The track “Reckless” is from their new album “Reckless and Divided” which debuts March 31st when they perform at Club Red in Mesa with Hed PE.

The goal for Mechanics Of The Mind in their own words “is to be surrounded by positive people, that believe in something, because there is that essence in what they hear, or see, or feel, in our music, success for this band is measured in many different forms, for us It, doesn’t have to be financial, if its good that will follow, it is about touching others, through our music, fully understanding the power of the music and the meaning of the lyrics, and saying to yourself ‘I get it'”


Be sure to check out their upcoming show with Hed PE on March 31st at Club Red in Mesa!

Tickets are available through the Mechanics Of The Mind store¬†or through 13th Floor Entertainment’s website

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