D Carter Talks New Video FT. Bag of Tricks Cat | @dcarterphxaz

“Taking that leap of faith and KNOWING its going to work out.”


You just dropped a video for “Away From Here” Featuring Bag Of Tricks Cat. How did this record come about?
I’ve been rockin with Respect The Underground for a while. I saw an opportunity come up where I could collab with Bag of Tricks Cat and I took it. I mentioned I make all my own beats and sent him a few to see if he was interested. He liked this particular beat a lot. We scheduled the time and from there that’s the story. He was super flexible and willing to help me. He’s a cool Cat
What impact do you feel the “Away From Here” video will have on the perception of the record itself?
We invisioned it as being stuck in the same place doing the same things over and over.. We really wanted to capture the energy and feeling of being in that frame of mind where you’re just ready for change. Let’s get away from here and start new. No one has to know kinda thing.. It happens to all of us.. Taking that leap of faith and KNOWING its going to work out.
What do you feel Bag Of Tricks Cat brings different to the record?
Bag of Tricks Cat and I have two different styles. He comes right at you with bars and he handled his verse very well. Where i have a more rap/sing kinda vibe. Our styles compliment the track very well because they’re so different.
You have been on a real wave this year. What is the game plan going forward in 2019?
Drop as much content as possible. I have 3 completed songs coming out as singles in the near future. I am participating in the KATO on the track “collab for the crown” contest of which I have a few really dope local artists participating on the track with me. I just have a lot to look forward to. Its going to be a really busy and sleepless year. But I’m fine with that.
What is your long term goal when it comes to the music industry and being a part of it?
Music is in my blood. Ive grown up watching my mom run a band and quit her day job doing what she loved. Music brings people together and pleases the soul. So long term to me is forever. Until i cant hear and speak, i will continue to play my part in the music industry and grow to my highest potential. This industry has an entirely different mindset of people and their work ethics. It’s more of a gathering of like minded people who all are chasing the same thing in some form or matter. That is what i love.

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