Album Review: Reckless and Divided

Mechanics of The Mind’s new politically charged album: Reckless and Divided will be released tonight and AZMUSICMAG got an exclusive sneak peek of the album. Anti-establishment, anti-corruption, and pro-badass, this album deserves major hype. Reminiscent of a Suicidal Tendencies and Metallica fusion in sound, musically and vocally, and a Motorhead/The Exploited fusionĀ  in lyrics, this album will fuel your rage against the corporate machine. It’s always interesting to see this combination of rage and intellectualism. As the band puts it themselves their goal “Is to be surrounded by positive people, that believe in something, because there is that essence in what they hear, or see, or feel, in our music, success for this band is measured in many different forms, for us It, doesn’t have to be financial, if its good that will follow, it is about touching others, through our music, fully understanding the power of the music and the meaning of the lyrics, and saying to yourself “I get it””.

The album is releasing tonight at Club Red in Mesa as they perform with (hed)p.e.

Tickets can be purchased at 13th Floor Entertainment

or through Mechanics of The Mind’s website.

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