Tracks of the Week 9/15 – 9/21

This week’s choice tracks veer off to darker more progressive territory with mathematical rock from Tool, some furious technical metal from Gojira and a mood piece collaboration between trip-hop masters Massive Attack and pop icon Madonna.

Awesomely enough three songs from local Arizona musicians serve as a counterpoint in atmosphere. Bear Ghost’s Beware! is a lively and progressive 8-bit inspired tune, while local rapper/entertainer Guyv3r’s Stand Up is an inspirational shout out to all musicians in Arizona. Then there is the immortal Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mack with their iconic number 1 hit Dreams.

However, its the cult punk band The Cramps with their raw live performance of Tear It Up that kick the lights out and darken the atmosphere for good.


1. Bear Ghost – Beware!

My track of the day is melodic, progressive piece of heaven from the Phoenix based band Bear Ghost.
This song is what happens when you have insanely creative, ludicrously talented, above all else crazy musicians… and then you let them just run with it.  – Tyler “Danger” Deans

2. Guyv3r – Stand Up

Arizona has so much raw talent. We just need some polish. This video I think exemplifies that. Check out this dope track, gain a little pride in our state, and check out what he did with the audio to bring live sound into the mix! Cool idea for a music video. AZ stand up! -Tyler “Danger” Deans

3. Tool – Schism

 The jagged drum rhythm and melodic string patterns in this masterpiece make it the pick of the day. Now, turn it up and get lost in the dark world of Tool. – David Mukai

4. Massive Attack & Madonna – I Want You

Massive Attack, Madonna and Marvin Gaye are three artists you probably never expected to hear in the same breath, but that is exactly what today’s track brings. While this vastly underrated collaboration slipped under the radar for many people when it was released on a Madonna compilation in 1995, “I Want You” stands up to many of Massive Attack’s best songs. By combining a dark and hard-hitting beat with a lush string arrangement and Madonna’s emotive voice, this unlikely cover transforms Marvin Gaye’s soul classic into a trip-hop gem. – Connor Dziawura

5. Gojira – Silvera

My track of the day comes from a band which has mastered everything I want in my progressive metal. Furious attitude delivered in blast beats? Check. Savagely innovative riffs? Yep, right there. Epic and melodic lead guitar? Ah yeah, check that too.
Gojira delivers on all these fronts and does so with a song composition that is nothing short of beautiful.
Hell, they go even further by taking this metal masterpiece and delivering a strong environmental message. An urgent platform for an urgent message. – Iggi Koma Komlenovic

6. Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

Whether she’s a witch or not, Stevie Nicks’ bag of musical tricks stirs up quite the potion. Dubbed “The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll,” Nicks is undisputedly Arizona’s most successful musician. Todays Tune takes us back to her Fleetweed Mac days. “Dreams” was the groups only U.S. No.1 hit and really flaunts the contraltos distinctive voice. – Damir Lolic

7. The Cramps – Tear It Up

The Cramps are one of punk’s most enigmatic groups. Combining a ferocious punk attitude with rockabilly-inspired instrumentals, vocalist Lux Interior and guitarist Poison Ivy were also undoubtedly one of rock’s coolest couples. Today’s track, “Tear It Up,” is one of their most memorable tracks and this live performance succinctly shows Interior’s wild performances. This video also shows why it is one of the few tracks that arguably translates better to the stage than the studio.—Connor Dziawura

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