Tracks of the Week 9/22 – 9/28

Another week has gone behind us and once again AZMM has slapped together a collection of tracks for your musical empowerment.

This week is all about celebrating artists who refuse to be pegged down by genre conventions, delivering us seven tracks that reach for the sky and are bursting with originality. Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” is not just a perfect complimentary message for this year’s presidential race, but also a perfect compliment of a funky rhythm meeting some hard metal riffs.  The Doors take “Roadhouse Blues” and soak it into psychedelic jazz. On “Stylo”, Gorrilaz create the most chill mood by mixing a dope electronica beat with soulful vocals. The Roots and Cody Chestnutt go even harder in mixing together neo-soul, rock and hip-hop on the insanely catchy “Seed 2.0”.
Fairy Bones mash up punk with strong bluesy vocals, Glitch Mob infuses industrial with glitch noise and then cranks it to a thousand, while Nick Drake strips folk music down to a hollow shell where melancholy lyrics marry beautiful melodies.
So take a moment and celebrate tracks that blow the hinges off conventions, creating fusions, deconstructions and all together new and original musical genres.

1. The Roots & Cody Chestnutt – The Seed 2.0

In 2002 masters of soul infused hip-hop The Roots released one of their most ambitious albums Phrenology. Today’s track of the day sees The Roots teaming up with R&B musician Cofy Chestnut, who provides the songs main guitar riff/beat and soulful hook. This funky, soulful, guitar driven joint is a glimpse of the genre fusions running wild all over Phrenology. The insanely memorable beat paired with Black Thought’s smooth flow and Chestnut’s vocals makes it a cool track for a chill hangout or an awesome banger for a party. – Iggi Koma Komlenovic

2. Fairy Bones – Banshee

Don’t try to label them. Fairy Bones pushes the envelope and fights to stay outside the limits of genre. They won Phoenix New Times “Best Local Band” in 2015, and for good reason. I am proud to present to you our track of the day. – Tyler “Danger” Deans

3. Nick Drake – From The Morning

With fall approaching, today’s track of the day is “From the Morning,” the closing track to Nick Drake’s magnum opus, “Pink Moon.” While Drake had a relatively short career, releasing just three albums from 1969-72, his succinct discography is truly an example of the multi-generational impact music can have. Despite the stripped back simplicity of the album, Drake sounds ahead of his time, delivering beautifully written and melancholy songs over an acoustic guitar. “Pink Moon” is the perfect fall album, and it does not sound like anything else released in 1972.—Connor Dziawura

4. Living Colour – Cult of Personality

n honor of the presidential debates here is an appropriate track of the day.
Combining an instantly iconic main riff and Corey Graves awesome vocal delivery, Cult of Personality is without a doubt Living Colours biggest a hit. While the song is a great piece of funky hard rock, Vernon Reid’s political lyrics turn it into an anthem raging against the leaders who feed of our approval for legitimacy. Innovative mixing of FDR and Kennedy samples is a stroke of genius that hammers the message home.
So give the track a listen tonight, as you watch two very famous people desperately fight for your approval on live TV.

5. Gorillaz – Stylo

The most chill music vibe. The most intense police chase. You’d think these two wouldn’t pair well, but somehow a Bruce Willis cameo ties it all together. For my pick this week for our track of the day, I bring you Stylo, by Gorillaz. – Tyler “Danger” Deans

6. The Doors – Roadhouse Blues

Jim Morrison and The Doors are a musical storm that you never want to end. The concert footage for this song shows the pandemonium that ensued every time these guys stepped on stage. “Roadhouse Blues” is one of those tunes I play when it’s just the wheel, the road, and a cool breeze accompanying me on a trip to an unknown destination. – Damir Lolic

7. Glitch Mob – We Can Make The World Stop

Today’s pick comes from The Glitch Mob. I’ve always loved this song for its general motivational energy but I watched the music video for the first time today and was amazed how accurately it conveys that “feeling”. Turn it up!! – David Mukai

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