Tracks of the Week 9/29 – 10/4


Wow. These are the tracks I hope to remember when it’s my turn to play DJ at the party. We’re bringing you our tracks of the week and they are fresh.

We are kicking things off with a track from Bon Iver’s new album with a video that made me rethink how branding and music can work together. Phoenix’s AJJ gives you a personal performance at Revolver Records. Get your pent up aggression about the election out of your system with Rage Against the Machine. Kyan Palmer, a former ASU student, finds huge success on Spotify. Seven Trill, Cryptic Wisdom, and Miny collaborate on an all AZ track. Young Fathers create a Scottish melting pot that fuses genres that you’d expect to clash in such a smooth way, and finally Ozric Tentacles creates a song that will transport you through time and space. Seriously.

1.Bon Iver – ’33 “GOD.”‘

Drawing comparisons to Radiohead’s “Kid A” and Kanye West’s “Yeezus,” Bon Iver’s new album, “22, A Million,” marks a significant shift in style for the group, and that is shown on ’33 “GOD.”‘ While this stand-out single opens with a simple chord progression, it explodes with the introduction of a booming sampled beat, deep synthesizers, layers of melodies and glitchy production tricks, making this one of the most lush and unique tracks Bon Iver has released to date. – Connor Dziawura

2. AJJ – All the Dead Kids

Phoenix based AJJ twists beautiful folk arrangements around singer Sean Bonnette’s acidic lyrics that take punk attitude to a new stratosphere. Recorded at Revolver Records, “All the Dead Kids” starts with an urgent full instrument gallop and strips down to just the acoustic guitar. The composition on this track is nothing short of beautiful and the lyrics never stop reveling in provocation. It’s this contrast between the music and lyrics that make AJJ such a unique band.

3. Rage Against the Machine – Testify

It’s election year. A crazy time for the country and the world. As always, I ask my friends, family, coworkers, and strangers to testify. To tell their individual stories and problems with the system and the status quo to any individual that will listen. Its right outside your door. That’s why the track of the day belongs to Rage. – Tyler “Danger” Deans

4. Juan Palmer – Burn Mona Lisa

ASU alumni Kyan Palmer took the Spotify world by storm with the release of his single “Burn Mona Lisa” earlier this year. Virally charting above mainstream heavyweights like Zayn Malik, Miley Cyrus and a host of others, Palmer’s debut single has hit over one million plays and counting. Just another one of the many talented local musicians in the burgeoning Phoenix scene. Give it a listen and tell us what you think. – Damir Lolic

5. Seven Trill ft. Cryptic Wisdom and Miny – Shut it down

Woah! Just found this track. Seven Trill collaborated with Cryptic Wisdom and Miny. It’s always interesting watching artists work together and seeing how they adapt to match each other’s pace. It takes a balance of competition and team work. Knowing when to step up and when to step back. How well do you think they balanced? -Tyler “Danger” Deans

6. Young Fathers – Way Down

One of the most unique and innovative new acts of the decade is Young Fathers. While this Scottish band formed in 2008, they reinvented their sound in 2011, fusing hip-hop, soul, pop, electronic and African music. Young Fathers put on some of the most visceral and powerful live shows, and that is evident with this performance of “Way Down in the Hole.” After opening with soulful and passionately sung vocals, the song bursts into a frantic and pulsing tribal rhythm with energetic rapped verses, perfectly showcasing the blend of styles they have been perfecting over the past five years. — Connor Dziawura

7. Ozric Tentacles – The High Pass

Today’s track comes from Ozric Tentacles, a band whose time-stretching tunes take listeners down a hypnotic path with only clues to where they’re headed. Maybe don’t listen to this particular one while driving, as time moves slower for the listener. Enjoy!
-David Mukai

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